140 Characters of Expression

Whether your favourite Bollywood actor is vacationing in Europe with his family or a music artist is working on a new album, as a fan, with social media platforms such as Twitter, you are able to gain first-hand information right from the horse’s mouth!

Within a span of 140 short characters, Twitter users are able to post thoughts, ideas and updates while also interacting with celebrities, other artists, fans, brands and more.


Twitter Wars and More!

This is no doubt led to some legendary ‘Twitter Wars” and conversations that get the fans jumping in excitement like they are watching a cliff-hanger episode on the television.Right from Twinkle Khanna’s controversial tweet on Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Nobel Prize Controversy that resulted in her receiving threats from his followers, to Abhishek Bacchan’s diplomatic yet hot Twitter War with Karan Talwar over the future of his career, this social media platform always has something interesting going on.


Daler Mehendi’s Tryst with Twitter

Besides controversial conversations, Twitter has enabled some legendary conversations and collaborations that otherwise may have only been a distant dream for fans. A couple of years ago, the King of Bhangra, Daler Mehendi and EDM legent Deadmau5 got into a conversation on Twitter that got the fans jumping up and down their seats. It all started with an innocuous tweet from Daler Mehndi that resulted in Deadmau5 asking him to hang out with him when he visited India for that year’s Sunburn Festival. The King of Bhangra’s tryst with Twitter doesn’t end here! Daler Mehendi’s new song – “Aaja Mere Twitter Pe” is a catchy tune that makes references to modern day social media culture including Facebook. Daler Mehndi’s Twitter Song, is sure to catch your beat, forcing you on the dance floor the minute the DJ beings to play it!