7 Videos That Prove The Fact That Foreigners Love Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tunak Tun

Daler Mehndi is taking over the world and here’s the proof.

1. This dude goes all around Delhi (including CP, the Lotus Temple and even a roadways bus) singing and dancing this Daler classic!

Everyone has seen this bunch of shirtless guys nailing Tunak Tunak in a way that’ll give Indians a complex!

2. School kids in foreign lands are dancing to this song! #Globalization #ThankYouInternet

3. Daler should consider branching out into hard rock and metal because this is awesome.

4.Apparently, being able to dance to Tunak Tunak is a really sought after talent!

5. Daler has gone global and made us so proud :’)

6. With a whole lot of dedication to costumes and special effects, these kids NAILED THIS VIDEO!

7. You know you’ve made it when people flash mob to your song!


Credits : Desimartini