An Aureate Voice

Happy Thursday Everyone! For today’s blog post I’m sharing an excerpt on Daler Mehndi by Hindustan Times. Read on for more:

Did you guys know the first time ever Mr. Mehndi featured in the news?

In 1991 over two decades ago, as a novice in the world of music, with no album to his name, Daler Mehndi had his voice weave such a magic and impact that the leading Indian publication conferred on him the title of “an aureate voice”.

It was the year that Mehndi had formed his group comprising of other siblings and cousins and started posing as a threat to other punjabi compatriots only to become the father of Indian pop, playing a crucial role by 1995 in establishing a parallel music industry to the then existing Bollywood music scene.

The picture used by HT back then showcases a rustic Daler Mehndi who would also later become the Elle Style Icon for Music in India.

The image reflects Daler’s original name given by his parents at his birth “Daku Daler Singh”.
Here’s a blast from the past:
HT - NOV 24th - an aureate voice - Written by Pratik Joshi
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