Celebrating the spirit of Independence

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“Tujh pe vaarna
Sau waari jaan main
Tere qurbaan meri Maa

Vande Mataram.. Vande Mataram”

As the calendar runs down towards mid August, every Indian, no matter how detached, no matter how far away from home, has this feeling running through their system.
Our nation completes sixty-eight years of Independence today and as we continue further on this journey, there is a singular thought/fact that stands out, UNITY. The years have taught us, time and again, that we as a nation are unbent, unbound, unbroken when we are together, as one resonating voice which softly speaks, “We, are One, We are India”.

This beautiful thought has been subtly, yet powerfully woven into Daler Mehndi’s musical fabric, that we have been listening to for decades. Born in Patna Sahib, Bihar, trained in Hindustani classical, typified Punjabi Pop, Daler Mehndi has traversed cultural and geographical boundaries, bringing us all together in sweet fervor. Rang De Basanti, Mere Desh ki Dharti, Vande Mataram, are some of the few tracks to have two very prominent commonalities, the heart wrenching feeling of patriotism and the soulful voice of Daler Mehndi.

So this Independence day, introspect, think about how you, can strive for India, how you can give to your country, in time, in effort, in whatever way you can.

Pledge, for peace, for unity, for love, for oneness, this 15th August, pledge, for INDIA.

Wishing you all, a Very Happy 68th Independence Day.

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