Daler Mehndi’s News Article Viral Video: Asian Baby Eating to Tunak Tunak

babyTrending hot right now is a video of a Chinese baby voraciously eating everything placed in front of her with Daler Mehndi’s 90’s hit song Tunak Tunak Tun motivating her in the background. Shared by a Facebook page called Shanghaiis, the Foodie Baby video shows the adorable little girl chowing down relentlessly to the beat that’s got her in a serious food trance.

The video, uploaded only a month and half ago has received 42 million views and more than a million shares so far. These numbers are still increasing! Its unclear what makes a viral video, but its obvious that this super catchy Daler Mehndi’s song has transcended the boundaries of culture as a timeless

Bhangra pop classic that refuses to die down even decades after it was a first released in 1998.

Evidently, this track doesn’t just inspire everyone to break out in dance but eat a whole lot of food too. Try giving this track a spin the next time you’re in need of a orexigenic or appetite stimulant!

Source : India Times :