Disco wars! Elections 2014 star Bappi Lahiri versus Daler Mehndi

Disco wars! Elections 2014 star Bappi Lahiri versus Daler Mehndi


With veteran Bollywood musician Bappi Lahiri joining the party, BJP can delightedly croon, Bombay se aaya mera dost! Clearly, Bappi da doesn`t just adore sparkly disco music and dazzling gold bling. He also likes politics in soft saffron shades, no matter that this can turn into a Dirty Picture too. But for those thinking with Bappi leading its chorus now, BJP will hit higher notes than Congress, hold your applause for now. The latter has iconic bhangra singer Daler Mehndi in its fold.

Mehndi, known both for his foot-stomping rustic songs and his alleged link to an illegal migration racket, is expected to ratchet up numbers for Congress in Punjab. But BJP also intends to use Bappi da as more than a trophy disco ball. Rumours resound of Bappi being given a ticket for upcoming Lok Sabha polls from West Bengal. The musician is all set to put on his pag ghunghroos and naach, sorry, rock the vote.

However, Congress and BJP aren’t the only smart kids presenting filmi folk to refresh jaded voters. Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee hopes her popularity will rocket with the support of Locket, a Bengali movie star. Just in case Locket is misplaced, Didi’s also signed up big screen dada, Mithun Chakrabarty, as a Rajya Sabha nominee from West Bengal. The announcement followed Bollywood star Salman Khan’s kite-flying fun with Narendra Modi in Gujarat, observing that his host was a charming, deserving man. Will Salman’s arch-rival Shah Rukh soon announce a top-billed Congress role? While the stars slap on their political warpaint backstage, we can’t wait for a disco-bhangra face-off between Bappi and Daler soon. It’ll sure beat all those cliched bhashans.

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