DRecords Observes the Martyrdom of Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji

This 8th of June 2016, we observe the ‪martydom‬ day of Dhan Dhan ‪Sri Guru Arjan Dev‬ Ji Maharaj who gifted our lives with the Eternal gift of ‪Sri Guru Granth Sahib‬, ‪‎Harmandar Sahib‬ (‪The Golden Temple‬), ‪SukhmaniSahib‬, ‪Exalted‬ ‎Shabads‬, An Exemplary Extraordinary Life – an ideal son, devout sikh -sewak,best preacher, epitome of humility, far sighted, an extraordinary Architect/Designer, Author, Composer, Poet of the exalted Divine words, respectful of all faiths – he made a Muslim Prophet ‪‎Sai MianMir‬,lay the foundation stone of ‎Sri Harmandir Sahib‬ – ‎Father‬ to the ‪Seekers‬.

May our souls learn to ‪‎LOVE‬ ‪‎HIM‬ (the Almighty) ‪‎truthfully‬ ‪‎sincerely‬ with all our zeal and might.

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj