It’s Daler Mehndi Rocking at the Rio Olympics 2016

No, the singer isn’t performing at the mega sports event. Actually, it is an upbeat song of the singer making waves in the synchronized swimming event of the Olympics 2016. A balletic show on Aila Re Aila song by Daler was presented by the two Mexican Swimmers, Karem Achach and Nuria Diosdado. The duo gave a lovely performance in a vibrant costume doing some upside down leg splits that truly wowed the judges.
The execution of synchronized swimming requires a stunning blend of dance and swimming without touching the base of the pool. While the thumping number blared in the backdrop, these swimmers exhibited exceptional back flips and lifts to pirouette into the next round of this coveted event.
Soon after their performance, this video went viral on the social media channels and Daler Mehndi’s song became the talk of the town. It was a double whammy for the viewers as they concurrently enjoyed the underwater swirls of these extremely talented Mexican swimmers synchronized to the exhilarating tunes of this chartbuster. The video featuring their routine of 2.20 minutes is an audio-visual delight that you shouldn’t miss. Catch up with the video and have a delightful time watching it!