Maa Padmavati – Song of Fortune

Maa PadmavathiDaler Mehndi once again bares a part of his soul to his audiences with the song of fortune, singing in a simple rustic style – he portrays the words of a common man with intensity which only one of Bollywood’s legands can bring to the table. The song is a tale of material desires and spiritual wishes, something each one of us seeks. Set to a foot tapping rhythm, he blends earthy folk vibes into the song to entrance you. The Song of Fortune is a Bhajan talks about the Universal Celestial Power – the Adi Shakti – the Universal Mother, and her alternate avatars of ‘Maa Padmavati’ the Kalyug’s deity of Fortune, who answers the prayers of those seeking to manifest their worldly desires immediately. From singing immortalized bollywood songs like Rang de basanti to this heartfelt veneration of the mother goddess, he is truly a man of many talents.

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