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A Reddit user posted a question asking the users; What’s your favorite song in a language you don’t speak?

The king of pop, Daler Mehndi, took away the trophy of hearts once again. The symbolic beats of “Tunak Tunak Tun” was voted as the winner as more than 5000 users up voted the song.

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To gain such number of likes and comments on Reddit for this song composed and authored way back in the late 90’s in Punjabi by the Indian Bhangra and Pop Icon ‘Daler Mehndi’ marks the enormity of appreciations that Daler Mehndi is continuously receiving.

Enthusiastic users posted very interesting comments on the forum sharing their memories of the song.

One user commented “I can’t sit still listening to this song, shoulder shuffle intensifies,” while another stated, “Tunak Tunak Tun” was the point, where Daler Mehndi broke all the clichés and proved his talent to the masses. One more user labeled Tunak Tunak Tun as ‘the original Gangnam Style of the 90s’.

Moments like these suggest that the magic of Daler Mehndi and his songs are evergreen. Infact the song and its music video became famous as the pied piper track which was conceptualized by Daler Mehndi in retaliation to the media’s comment that the success of his videos depend only on the glam models featured in the videos. This was the first time in the music industry when Daler Mehndi was signed as the most expensive artist and the publisher same time was not sure if this song will do good, but to everyone’s surprise the song and the video became an instant HIT, such was the craze of the song that people across the globe are being enchanted by him to this day. Tunak Tunak Tun – is an Internet Phenomenon that has made him the only Asian Artist to have had 80 million hits online and it’s still going stronger. The song has seen immense popularity across geographies for years and has been immensely popular across the world irrespective of the languages. Yet again, one more feather on the turban.

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