Summoned by the Stars



Forty-seven years ago, an astrologer told Balbir Kaur Beero that she would give birth to a great musician. As the stars would have it, she gave birth to Daler, who is now known as Daler Mehndi.

This was followed by an inspirational story of search for true art and learning when 13-year-old Daler ran from his home. He was so amused and awestruck by the Indian Classical music style of the Patiala Gharana that he went looking for Ustad Raahat Ali Khan of Ghorakhpur, at an age when he barely knew himself or the world. Such is the love and commitment that Mehndi has always had for music.

Coming from a family of musicians, Mehndi started learning to sing the ragas and Shabads from the Guru Granth Sahib at the age of 6. His first teachers were his father Ajmer Singh and his mother Balbir Kaur Beero.

Now, forty-seven-years later, Daler Mehndi is a leading pop singer in India. Many refer to him as the king of pop. With his enticing and grooving Bhangra, pop, fusion, Gurbani and Alternative music, he makes a whole nation dance and sing. He is also attributed to the creation of Bhangra pop. When he released his first album ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ in 1995, he took the country by storm and established himself as a Pop Star. He eventually gained worldwide popularity when he gave India its most loved anthems ‘Na Na Na Na Na Re’ and ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’. He also collaborated with international artists such as Deadmau5.

After having achieved all this, the Badshah of Bhangra, to this date, constantly re-creates himself to hone his talents and keep his audience entertained.

With numerous Bollywood projects, his own projects and his label work at hand, he still allocates time for greater things and works towards the betterment of environment and animals.

He intends to strike this perfect balance between compassion and his own passion and mesmerise the audience all along.

So next time when the destined man, Mehndi, is around you, spreading his love and his adoration for great, soulful music, you cannot afford to miss it.

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