The epic DM & DM meeting


On Twitter

When DM met DM, it had to be double the musical magic, twice the masti and simply two times the mania for their huge fan following! Even before their epic meeting, their tete-a-tete on Twitter took the social media by storm, signalling the harbinger of great times to come…

It was Deadmau5 who first tweeted his eagerness to get Daler Mehndi on his forthcoming show in India at the Sunburn Festival. Mehndi, in true Punjabi camaraderie, reciprocated “Hi. Got ur message. Pleased to learn that u have massive fan following. Have been busy with shows back to back.” Deadmau5 responded with “dude… We chillin or what?” Mehndi replied, “Hi, u doing gud music, keep it up” to which Deadmau5 answered, “@dalermehndi awe mannnn…. Understood. Still, would have been epic tho!”

Daler’s response got tweeple into a frenzy “@deadmau5 Let’s raise our weapons and make this world do Tunak Tunak Tun. We can maybe catch up at your show and plan a gig.” And the Canadian artiste’s excitement was clearly palpable @dalermehndi yes!!!!! Legendary! I’ll contact you soon! :)”, to which Mehndi tweeted: @deadmau5 Rab Rakha (God bless you) see you soon. Deadmau5 even went on to upload his own remix of Tunak Tunak Tun on his official Instagram profile.

Their tweets, back and forth, were enough to get the twitterati abuzz about a possible collaboration between the International EDM Star and the undisputed King of Bhangra.

On Coffee Run @ F1 Racing Track

Daler Mehndi’s and Deadmau5’s real-time meeting was exactly like their interaction on Twitter – fast and furious. After all, it had to be that way, given the fact that Deadmau5 had invited Mehndi for a coffee run on the F1 racing track. Zooming away on a Lamborghini (apparently Deadmau5’s first time in this car), the two hit it off instantly, talking about good EDM vs bad EDM and good Bollywood vs bad Bollywood. Mehndi lamented on how the current crop of wannabe singers were making up the ‘bad Bollywood’ scene, replete with obscene lyrics and out-of-tune-singing. He talked of good Bollywood being the one with meaningful lyrics and how he not just composes his own music, but writes the verses as well. He enlightened Deadmau5 on the origin of his hit single Tunak Tunak Tun and suggested that they should regale the audiences with something different and unrehearsed, at Deadmau5’s upcoming show. The only thing missing on the coffee run, they joked, was the coffee!

@ The Sunburn Festival Gig

If fans who witnessed the DM-DM interaction on Twitter were awestruck, then the fans who watched them perform live @ the Sunburn Festival, were dumbstruck! The sheer energy of the two musical stars was simply electrifying, each complementing and bringing out the best in the other like only true music aficionados can. When Mehndi belted out Tunak Tunak Tun and Deadmau5 mixed it in his true-blue EDM style,  the result was simply out of this world. It was a show that left every fan ecstatic, watching the seamless blending of two genres of music, experiencing the amalgamation of cross-cultural sensibilities and realizing that music, indeed has no language.


Collaboration in the making

After their resounding success @ the Sunburn Festival, DM and DM are all set to collaborate again on a single which will be a mix of EDM and bhangra masala. For fans, it will yet again be an opportunity to hear out the best of East meeting West in a fusion of music, masti and magic!

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