The Evolution of Indie Pop.


Happy Thursday Everyone! Did you know when did Indie Pop originate in India?

So here it is, for Today’s blogpost I’m sharing a little something on Indie Pop with you all! Read on:

Indie Pop is a relatively nascent style of music that is a combination of diverse eclectic musical influences, from raga to reggae and bass beats to bhangra. This style of singing has broken musical frontiers across the globe and developed a distinct niche for itself, building a large fan following all over the world.

The culture of Pop songs in India took inspiration through the medium of Hindi films. Bappi Lahiri set the tone of fast-track dance numbers in Hindi films. Nazia Hasan’s famous song Aap Jaisa Koi in the film Qurbani formally launched the Indie Pop in the early eighties. Artists like Runa Laila (De De Pyaar De), Usha Uthup (Ramba Ho) and Remo Fernandes took the pop culture ahead. It was only in the nineties that Indie Pop emerged as an alternative to film music when a large number of pop singers emerged on the line. The Indie Pop scene of the 90’s was established by Daler Mehndi and artists such as Alisha Chinoy, Sukhbir, Lucky Ali, Bally Sagoo, Bombay Vikings etc took the culture ahead.

Alisha Chinoy’s album Made in India became a hot favourite in India and abroad quite instantly in the Nineties and it was then that Daler Mehndi stormed the Indie Pop scene in 1995 with his first album featuring the adrenaline pumping Bolo ta ra ra. He followed his success with two more multi-platinum albums, Dardi Rab Rab in 1996 and Ho jayegi balle balle in 1997. His album Tunak Tunak tun is a perfect blend of bhangra with a dash of rap and reggae, it encapsulates the raw energy of dance with a hint of the classics.

Mehndi was followed by Sukhbir, who in 1995 came out with his album called New Style with his very own brand of bhangra mixed with rap, dance rhythms and techno. Lucky Ali’s two albums , Sunoh and Sifar and the song O Sanam ki Qasam stirred the hearts of millions. Artists like Ila Arun, Baba Sehgal, Bally Sagoo, Phalguni Pathak also gained instant fame with their pop albums.

In a short period of less than a decade the Indie pop culture spread its tentacles into the Indian music scene and into the hearts of many and its continuing to do so after two decades. With the upbeat mood this music creates or breaking into a full blown dance the fact remains that Indie pop is here to stay!