Tribute to The Living Legend Singer Shaukat Ali Khan from The King of Bhangra, Daler Mehndi

Daler Mehndi dedicated special words to acclaimed Singer Shaukat Ali Khan in an exclusively recorded video.

In an ode to the singer, Mehndi also sings the super hit song “Challa” in his own mesmerizing voice in the video.
Shaukat Ali Khan is a Pakistani-Punjabi ghazal singer from 70s. He has received honorable awards like “Voice of Punjab” & “Pride of Punjab” in his 40-year-old successful career. His Ghazals and Punjabi folk’s songs are well-known all over the world.

Celebrating the singer, the Pakistan film fraternity and other prominent musicians in Pakistan are honoring living legend Shaukat Ali Sahab for his contribution to Punjabi Folk Music.
Shaukat Ali Khan’s son contacted Daler Mehndi for the same as he was keen on getting his comments and that is when he recorded the video expressing the love and respect for the legendary artist.

Mehndi exclaims, the singer took Punjabi Folk Music to great heights & deserved a special mention from him.
“Shaukat Ali khan Sahab took the genre Punjabi Folk music around the world. His song Challa not only drew praise from Pakistan, but also from across the border, here in India, as well” he said.

Popular singers like Gurdaas Maan caught a lot of attention among the masses and music industry after he sang the song “Challa”.

There are many such stories where singers have earned their livelihood and made a mark with the song.

Many Bollywood veteran actors like Saira Banoo have also paid their respects to the acclaimed Artist.

The King of Pop, who, himself is a self-made and a renowned singer in the industry has always displayed his respect to senior artists and has always appreciated the works of the appreciable.
A legendary artist receiving plaudits from another icon is heartwarming to say the least.

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