Daler Mehndi is India’s coveted Pop Icon, the country’s celebrated Live Performer credited as the pioneer of Indian Pop Music. Mehndi is a prolific songwriter, composer, musician, environmentalist and philanthropist.

Born into a family of Gurbani singers, Daler began performing on stage with his father at the age of 4. He ran away from home to seek training in the classical Indian vocal tradition from the Late Ustad Rahat Ali Khan of Patiala Gharana of Gorakhpur, UP.

Endowed with a distinctive, perfect pitched voice and a pugnacious spirit his 1995 breakthrough album Bolo To Ra Ra went double- platinum and created a new genre that came to be labeled Indipop, in a country hooked onto film music. His every consecutive album broke the records of its predecessors and the country got their dance anthems in the form of Dardi Rab Rab, Balle Balle, Har Taraf Tera Jalwa. His fourth consecutive chart toping epic album Tunak Tunak Tun is probably the greatest grosser in non- film music in India to this day. India’s first green technology video to become an Internet phenomena and the song that became an anthem worldwide and also got adopted by the World of Warcraft community.

The High Priest of Punjabi Music as was recently quoted by an eminent print journalist, his extensive body of work across genres starting with Bhangra POP, to Sufi, Gurbani and bhakti to films and the Stage (Live Performances) have earned him many titles like the Voice of Entertainment, Messiah Of Masti, Sardar of Swing, King of Pop, He is all that He Is Bigger Than The Beatles.”

The ‘Powerhouse Performer’, Mehndi’s high voltage performances, packaged with exquisite choreography and famous hook dance steps, create an atmosphere that is highly contagious. His trademark live performances marked with irrepressible crowd enthusiasm have made his shows musical landmarks in themselves.

Mehndi’s innovative & inimitable style of music is responsible for the elevation of Pop Music to a degree of reverence that it commands today.

Music Journey and Impact

From the humble folkie yet celebrated debut with ‘Bolo TaRa Ra’ to the foot tapping anthem "DardiRabRab" to the glitter & glam of ‘Ho JayegiBalleBalle’, from Internet Phenomenon ‘Tunak Tunak’ to the elegance of ‘Ru-Ba-Ru’ and profoundly soulful heart piercing compostions in ‘Mirzya’, from patriotic ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘VandeMatram’ to the mysticism of sufi ‘Bismillah’, ‘Gurbani’ in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, invoking the godliness in listener with his renditions of Deh Shiva, Rajan Ke Raja, Namoh Namoh, to the motivational and awe inspiring roars in ‘Dangal’ and ‘Bahubali’ Daler Mehndi’s music exemplifies his musical prowess and the aesthetics.

His works are distinguished for integrating Indian classical music and rustic folk instruments with electronic music sounds, varied music genres form across the globe and traditional orchestral arrangements.

His originality is his music compositions where he developed a unique craft of composing music in which he layered the Indian classical raga with western homophonic textures, blending it intricately with serious instruments like the rabaab, violins, ravanhatta, piano, harmonium and arranging the tabla, dhol, drums, bass guitars and percussions instruments intelligently over a bpm of over 150 and authoring simple words that have a strong recall, finally packaging the song with a voice that is melodious, effective, strong, powerful and moves across octaves with a grace of a ballerina. By virtue of these qualities, he has dabbled successfully in giving his audiences a musical experience like none other and film producers across various film industries in India hits after hits.

Mehndi is regarded for the Intellectual depth of his work both by the critics and the Music Industry. Titles conferred on Mehndi for his brilliant performances and music, such as the ‘Sultan of Swing’, ‘Messiah of Masti’, ‘He is all that He is Bigger than the Beatles’, ‘Pasha of Pop’, ‘Sardar of Swing’, ‘The King of Bhangra’, showcases his well trodden 2 decade long route to musical monarchy.

Recipient of many prestigious awards Voice of Asia Award, Channel V Award for three consecutive years for the Best Performer, Best Music Album, Best Music Videos, Screen Awards, RAPA Award, Pride of India Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, GIMA Best Live Performer and Ambassador of Peace Award, Indian Icon Award, National Award for Best Pop Singer, Millennium Sikh Award . MTV refers to him as the Artist whose art straddles the classes and the masses.