Daler Dazzler

  • Daler Dazzler

    Tuesday, April 30th, 1996

In a live music concert, nothing succeeds like sheer showmanship. At least that's what bhangra-pop star Daler Mehndi proved at the eagerly-awaited nite organised by the Lions Club (Juhu Gulmohar) at the Khar Gym on Saturday. To get to see him, the Punjabi-dominated audience had to wait for quite a while. but once he arrived, Mehndi had the crowd dancing with such frenzy that the seurity staff had a tough time controlling the revellers. As long as he sang, it was total entertainment.

The best thing about Mehndi is that he always surpries the audience, mixing traditional punjabi fare with lines from popular film-songs. In one case, he started off with his own hit Bolo Ta Ra Ra, but noticing the excitement, started singing Ila Arun's 'Vote For Ghagra' and then switched to a hit from the Shashi Kapoor starrer Pyar Kiye Ja. Considering that the man has made only one album- the peppy Bolo Ta Ra Ra - it is creditable that he should invoke such hysteria. Even crickter Vinod Kambli, who confessed that he was a great fan, was seen shaking a leg, even though he had to play at s single - wicket tournament the next day.

Incidentally, just a few hours before the show, Mehndi had received the news that he had become a father. Surely, he had a massive crowd to celebrate along with him.

Source :- MID-DAY