Daler Mehndi Performing live in MahaShivRatri 2018 at Isha Yoga Center

  • Daler Mehndi Performing live in MahaShivRatri 2018 at Isha Yoga Center

    Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

You know the place is electrifying when the livewire Daler Mehndi and Sadhguru comes together to uplift the energy of crowd in epic night of MahaShivratri celebration at Isha Yoga Centre.

Watch the full video here: Daler Mehndi MahaShivratri Live

Discourses and powerful meditation were interspersed along with musical performance by popular musician Daler Mehndi.

Thousands of devotees gathered in front of the 112-foot tall Adiyogi to mark Mahashivratri at the Isha Yoga Centre on the outskirts of the city. The surrounding was saturated with spiritual exuberance amid chants and meditation during the late night hours of Tuesday.

The celebrations started at 5.40 pm on Tuesday and concluded around 6 am on Wednesday. Adiyogi represents a possibility to shift humanity from religion to responsibility, from looking outward to turning inward, Sadhguru said.

Welcoming the gathering after an exuberant Maha Arati to Adiyogi, Sadhguru went on to emphasize that all solutions humanity needs for here and beyond were within ourselves.

At the stroke of midnight, Sadhguru initiated a powerful meditation, which was the most looked forward to event of the night.

Even as the night was celebrated at over 150 centres across the world, the press release said that the centre has also hosted a live telecast and webcast of the celebrations to millions of people.