Daler Mehndi to reveal his spiritual side

  • Daler Mehndi to reveal his spiritual side

    Saturday, November 18th, 2017

We have always seen Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tun Tun side, right? But as each one of us has different sides to our personality, so does Mehndi. Daler Mehndi does not often showcase this spiritual side of his, but now he is going all out with the Sikh Route.

“I always make it a point to visit the historical places, either temples or Gurudwaras. I have read books on philosophy and gurbanis as well. In Tunak Tunak Tun song my attempt was to express the colourful world around us,” expressed the singer.

Adding a bit on her husband Taranpreet Kaur Mehndi said, “Daler ji is a walking talking book on gratitude. In fact, I have learned a lot from him. It’s said that ‘No matter how many books you read, gratitude just comes from within’, while Dalerji was always a spiritual person and now he is open to reveal this side of his to the world.” Mehndi has started Sikh Route which speaks about the teachings of Guru Nanak. The episodes would showcase experiences from people all over the world.

Source By :- RnM