Daler Mehndi’s wow weekend: ‘Sheer joy to tend to my farm with my family’.

  • Daler Mehndi’s wow weekend: ‘Sheer joy to tend to my farm with my family’.

    Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Daler Mehndi, the God-gifted singer with a full-throated voice who sang ‘Jagga Jiteya...’ in ‘Uri -The Surgical'.

Weekend joys

Weekends usually mean a concert. And when it’s not that, then it’s sheer joy to tend to my farm with my family.

Life is a celebration

I grow my own food. I love being in the midst of nature. So it’s either the farm or having other musicians over in the studio and jamming or driving any distance to try a new cuisine. I love to shop, grocery shopping as well – even that is made a fun event! Everything that we do on weekends involves my wife and daughter and it’s a celebration. Eating good food, procuring great jamun or phalsa, getting mangoes and enjoying them together. I equally enjoy working on a new song, attending a meeting. It is all amazing and joyous.

History books—a weakness

I love to read articles, scriptures and books that give knowledge on food, ealth, technology. History is my weakness. These days I read on the phone.

Not a party animal

My party is with nature, my plants, animals. I don’t like to party or socialise et al. I love hosting friends, people who share similar interests.

Early riser

I sleep for a limited time. Unless I am extremely tired, I don’t wake up late. I am blessed to live and wake up to chirping birds and lush green trees.

Weekend travel

On weekends, I go to Nihalgarh at what we call the Daler Mehndi Festive Farms. It’s a haven. There are 70 desi Haryanvi cows, 60 goats, desi murgae, dogs, around 100 peacocks, charpoi, trees, a tractor, vegetables. It’s 35 km away from the city. --pic: wow daler mehndi.

Morning ritual

Taran (my wife) and I have this morning ritual, where we have to sit and chat with each other. We breakfast together too. I—and I can vouch for her as well—thoroughly enjoy these moments of togetherness. Weekends are more fun, if I am in Delhi then it’s the three of us enjoying our chai, parathas etc.

Thank god it's Friday? No!

I say ‘Thank God for this DAY’. Gratitude is life. I am forever indebted to the Divine, God, Rab for making me the way I am and bestowing upon me His choicest blessings.

Gymming is a must

Just like my music, exercise is important to me. I do it religiously.

Zero blues

There is so much to do. In fact, I have to ask people what day it is! So you see, for me each day is a gift, is an opportunity. I don’t regret anything. If I feel I haven’t been great, I pull myself up and get going. I don’t sulk or brood. I like action.

Weekend plans

I am performing in Himmatnagar, ahead of Ahmedabad and I’m looking forward to enjoying the gorgeous architecture of that scenic place.

Source By : The Free Press Journal