Daler wants to be Universal singer

  • Daler wants to be Universal singer

    Monday, December 16th, 1996

Not content with the height he has achieved in the arena of pop music, Daler Mehndi, the popular Punjabi folk singer, says that he aspires to be a universal singer. "I don't want to confine myself to a particular area as my inner self continually pushes me to transcend all manmade barriers," says the stocky singer from Patna.

Daler, who was here in connection with a concert, "Le Mehndi Nite", asserted that he did not want to stick to a particular form of music, rather he yearned to perform with all forms of music like accomplished singer. The advice to be a jack of all trades came from his Ustad, Rahat Ali Khan of the Patiala Gharana, who while "patting me on the back used tell me not to pin myself down by uselessly clinging to a particular form, rather to try being a master of many horses".

Asserting that he would devote his life to music, the singer maintains that it was the environment he found at home which helped him reach the heights in music. "My elder brother, Ustaad Shamsher Singh, is also a tabla master", he added.His medley songs, however, failed to get a favourable response from audience at Guru Gobind Singh Stadium here last night. The organizers also disappointed them.

During the tow-hour event Daler Mehndi did not sing even a single full Punjabi song, As a result, a large number of people, particularly the elderly, left the evnet half way. At times the police had to use lathis to keep the crowd in control.Two hours before the event began all chairs were reportedly occupied by the security guards for their bosses.

Source :- The Tribune