Felicitated and awarded as the Green Ambassador by the Indian Nurserymen Association

  • Felicitated and awarded as the Green Ambassador by the Indian Nurserymen Association

    Sunday, September 8th, 2019

Internationally acclaimed music icon and the king of pop Daler Mehndi, has been felicitated and welcomed as the Green Ambassador of the Indian Nursery Men association at their governing body Oath taking ceremony and annual meeting held on 8th September 2019.

Every year INA organizes an annual meeting where new projects and schemes are being announced. This year the annual meeting is directed towards the declaration of newly elected members of the governing body. Oath and felicitation ceremony will prelude the event and will end with the release of new projects. This year INA is more focused towards the depleting state of the environment, and this being a cause of different diseases, health issues and livelihood impact has seized most attention. INA is all set to publicize all of the new projects which are all based on environmental protection.

"We have witnessed Mr. Mehndi's immense contribution towards environment since 1998 where through his organisation Daler Mehndi Green Drive he has selflessly and single-handedly planted 800,000 trees in the NCR of Delhi. The first Indian Artist to have seriously understood the Environment & the hazards created by mankind and stood up as early as in 1998 & actually worked on ground to bring a change by motivating, promoting & inspiring other 60,000 children across the schools, various institutes, hospitals, and welfare organisation of localities to plant and maintain trees. We hereby invite him from Indian Nurserymen Association as the GREEN AMBASSADOR and to keep blessing us in our effort to create awareness regarding building a green environment in India". Stated Mr. N.C.Mistry, Administrator, INA

“I’m glad to be associated with the Indian Men Association as their Green Ambassador. Since 1998, Daler Mehndi Green Drive has been hugely active and consistent on plantation drives and has been motivating people of all ages to plant trees. With the association with INA, we aim to amplify the mission of tree plantation and motivate more people” quotes Mehndi. Daler Mehndi has been associated with various NGO’s and organizations to promote tree plantation in India and was recently awarded the title of ‘Green Ambassador’ from the Book of Worlds Records, the USA as well for his tremendous contribution in this field.