Learn Traffic Rules with Daler Mehndi’s Bolo Ta Ra Ra

  • Learn Traffic Rules with Daler Mehndi’s Bolo Ta Ra Ra

    Monday, July 15th, 2019

Daler Mehndi’s much-celebrated debut album is recorded as an entity in itself. Released in 1995, ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ was the turning point in not only Daler’s career but also that of Indian Music Industry AS IT GAVE BIRTH TO THE NEW GENRE “INDIPOP”.

Daler’s concoction of rustic lyrics fused with just the right element of western instrumental, rendered with a very versatile & highly energetic power pitched voice is often referred to as the birth of Bhangra-Pop.

The nation, post the release of ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ was caught in a tornado of Bhangra that captivated the spirit of celebration, happiness, entertainment quintessentially.

Fast Forward 23 Years later, recently a Roadside awareness campaign was created in Punjab based on Bolo Ta Ra Ra by the Punjab Police and Chandigarh Police with the main objective to make people understand the importance of Road Safety and Traffic Rules.

The King of Pop Daler Mehndi shared the video on his social media saying.

Source By : Urban Asian