Mehndi sets the mood, Organisers spoil it.

  • Mehndi sets the mood, Organisers spoil it.

    Tuesday, June 3rd, 1997

With Indipop catching up fast with the younger generation, of late a lot many pop icons have come, all of them dancing and singing their way into the hearts of the young generation. And thanks to the innumerable channels airing these popular numbers day in and out, these pop stars have acquired a larger than life image. Cashing in on this popularity a number if 'organisers' these days have got into the business of organising musical evenings and nights wherein these stars perform live to a delirious crowd.

Monday evening at Nagpur witnessed one such programme in wich the latest hot-shot star the 'singing surd' Daler Mehndi performed. But the organisers (the programme was sponsored by a popular brand of Indian whisky) left everything to chance and were content with the knowledge that the star had arrived and would perform. The venue of the programme was Yeshwant Stadium, and the organisers had left things to providence. And for those who arrived there, it was thanks to that providence that they could escape unhurt.

In spite of the fact that there were two types of passes, which boldly carried the message 'Right of admission reserved', it came as a rude shock to this scribe when informed at the gate that entry was free. There was a virtual stampede of not a very sober crowd, each one falling over the other to gain entry. The organisers who were manning the entry points where busy hurling choicest of abuses and even blows on the crowd.

When this scribe insisted that she was open an assignment to cover the pragramme and thus had to go in, she was told to find her own way, and as if this was not sufficient, suddenly some smart Alec decided to give a nasty push with a baton and the crowd fell backwards, one falling over the other. Inside the ground, it was another free for all. With people standing on chairs and climbing over the barricades, it was impossible to find one's way through to the seats. The total lack of organisation became apparent from the fact that the passes which show the timing as 7 PM, were delivered to 'The Hitavada' office at five minutes past seen.

The mood of the programme was set on Sunday itself when the pop start arrived at the airport with his entourage. Sources informed that most of them were already in 'high spirits' and had been seen whistling and passing cheap remarks at other passengers. It seems that the performers and the audience both did full justice to the sponsors of the programme. As for the performance, Daler Mehndi preformed his regular numbers which included hits like Hungama, And Dradi Rab Rab Kar Di, to a charged crowd which definitely outclassed him as far as dancing went. There was also a smattering of popular Hindi films number like Aan milo sajana and other remixes.

Daler, Who endeared himself to the pop music living crowds with chartbuster vole tara ra ra, rose to his present status thanks to the wide coverage given by the music channels. The watershed came with Mrityudaata , the Amitabh Bachchan starrer in which Mehndi performed with the superstar to render the hit number Na na na na re. It is this sudden popularity of the artist which pulled such a motley crowd in today's programme. Had the organisers foreseen this problem and had they given due respect to the artist's popularity, today's show could have been te one to remember, for Daler's songs and style both have the power to endear him to the audience and can set the mood of a lively evening.