Message World Environment Day by Daler Mehndi

  • Message World Environment Day by Daler Mehndi

    Friday, June 1st, 2018

Daler Mehndi the pop bhangra icon of Indian Music Industry is also an ardent environmentalist, not many people know that.

The Bahubali, Dangal, Harjeeta motivational singer, performer through his NGO, Daler Mehndi Green Drive advocates pure and clean living both in one’s internal and external environments. His intense dislike for pollutants and addictions of any kind impelled him to start the Green Movement in 1998.

Daler Mehndi Green Drive has worked tirelessly over the years and has to its credit over 800,000 trees planted in and around the NCR of Delhi. Mehndi encourages the youth to participate in preserving and sustaining their environment. Last plantation season, he supported a 7-year-old Indian girl IshaBlokhra, living in New Jersey by supporting her thought of planting trees for her birthday. The Pop star started the Isha – Daler Oxygenate drive in which many Delhi citizens, doctors, children, super Sikh runners participated.

Mehndi is a man of action and not mere words. His house is environment-friendly and uses Solar Energy for its functioning, no diesel generators. He fiercely promotes planting Neem, Peepal, Banyan, Jamun, Mulberry trees.  During one such plantation initiative, we caught the Sardar of Swing in action who was ecstatic over his new plant – The Agasta Tree. He took us around and spoke with us and this is what he had to say, “All trees are beautiful and if we were to plant a tree marking every personal and professional milestone of each and every family member throughout our life span, we would end up planting more trees and would be able to leave a legacy of greener and cleaner environment for our future generations. The Artist seeks people especially the youth to stand up, take cognizance and take charge of the environment by taking baby steps. Plant trees, grow your own veggies, avoid using plastic bottles and bags. Start here and Start now. He signed off wishing everyone a happy environment day.”

Watch here: Message on World Environment Day by Daler Mehndi