Slick performance by ‘Ta ra ra’ Boy

  • Slick performance by ‘Ta ra ra’ Boy

    Sunday, March 3rd, 1996

The reigning icon of contemporary pop Daler Mehndi presented a slick performance to a crowd which spilled well outside the performance elcosure. The short performance 'Ta ra ra' young lad presented a sharp contrast to his ten accompanists. Daler wore an elegant 'labada' over a cream churidar kurta whereas his chorus was dressed in black trousers, white shirt and woven jacquard jackets.

Daler is heard at upmarket dance parties and dhabhas alike with equal enthusiasm is a skillful performer. Like most modern singers he too lives up to the expectations pf the crowds. Having an infectious. Style of communication and a solid band of admirers who were present in large numbers at the back, no amount of restraint could control the enthusiasm of his fans for breaking instinctively into a dance at every number.

A completely populist artist Daler uses the forceful rhythms of Punjabi with traditional musical instruments, the tabla, dhol dholak and the khadtaal. He combined these with modern instruments like the electric mandolin, keyboards and the electric guitar. The end result is music which is foot tapping and boisterous.

An extremely graceful dancer, Daler's forte is improvisation. Taking numerous film songs like 'dole dole', 'laila o laila', 'saat samandar paar', 'dum maaro dum', sun reo jaana', Daler took off into a world where rhythm dominated melody.His repertoire included numerous well-known traditional Punjabi folk songs, Hindi, Phaarsi, and Bhojpuri songs, all of which had the personal touch of Daler's improvisations.

The over loud music somehow did not appear out of place. It was quite in keeping with Daler's performing style. His natural flair for music was apparent in the pains taken over the mixing of sounds, which he personally supervises. 'Ta ra ra' the first release was taught to him by his mother when he was six years old. His entire family is interested and oriented towards music. "Ta ra ra is just the first step, I have yet to climb 99 more steps", he says.

Born and brought up in Patna Saheb, Bihar, Daler has spent three years in California, USA. Where from driving a taxi to selling burgers, he has done it all. But this stint also exposed him to the world of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. "there can be no comparison to Indian Classical Music. I too have taken traning in the Patiala gharana of music. What I do today is far far easier. You can find shades of Indian Ragas in the music of Whitney Houston, but that does not mean that Michael Jackson is any less. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into making anyone a success. " With a lot of successful performances under his belt, the 'Ta ra ra' boy asserts, "Kalaakaar banaye nahi jaate, Paida hote hain"

Source :- Alka Pande