The Popular Canadian EDM Performer, Deadmau5 is a Daler Mehndi Fan!!!

  • The Popular Canadian EDM Performer, Deadmau5 is a Daler Mehndi Fan!!!

    Sunday, March 16th, 2014

The popular Canadian EDM performer, Deadmau5, is in India on a tour. Chatting with HT City, he confesses that he loves the music of Punjabi singer Daler Mehendi and talks about his desire to collaborate with Indian musicians.

This is your first time in India, how does it feel? What are your expectations from the crowd?

India is a country with an unquenchable thirst for EDM. There’s something about this country and the people as they spread a warm vibe. I’m super excited to be playing in Delhi (and Mumbai, and Bengaluru) for the first time! Audiences may be unique, but fans are alike.

Are you familiar with Indian music?

Honestly, no, but I am a big fan of Daler Mehndi and his track, Tunak Tunak Tun! I Have heard great things about the artists in India and in my tight schedule, I do hope to go club hopping and interact with local DJs.

What is the best electronic music you have heard recently?

Well, right now, we have a great club scene in Toronto. My favorite is Footwork, but there are so many good producers coming out of Toronto right now, so it really makes the scene so good. I would also love to collaborate with Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell. They’re all really dudes, and we have good times.

There is a general feeling that while EDM era is sort of getting done in the West, it is felt/predicted that it’s just starting to hit the nail in India... In your opinion, where is the future of electronic music headed to?

Electronic music always existed, but in various phases. The history of music had the disco boom in the ‘70s, the New Romantics in the ‘80s, and so forth. Electronic music will always continue to exist, but its popularity may fluctuate dependent on the environment. In India, I have heard the music is gaining more popularity and I am excited to witness it first-hand!

Have you incorporated any Indian musical instruments in your music, if not, do you plan to?

I have not been exposed to a lot of Indian music honestly, but I like whatever little I have heard of it and I may use Indian instruments soon for all you know.

Any plans of collaborating with Indian musicians?

No, there are no plans of collaboration as of now. But I guess it would not be long before I get together with one of the great talents who exist in this beautiful country. I am quite excited to meet many on this trip.

What does Deadmau5 prefer, playing in big festivals or smaller venues and/or clubs? What’s the difference for you, personally?

Performing in festivals is a great feeling. It infuses a lot of energy and the vibe is out of the world. Watching thousands of music lovers together in sync is an overwhelming experience.

You have many imitators in terms of sound and style. Does it bother you?

I am honestly flattered and with more musicians in the scene, it only adds to my creativity. It’s great to see more musical talent which does a lot for the overall industry. I always strive to do my best, and make that better.

Apart from the obvious reason that you are in India, what all do you look forward to in India?

I look forward to great hospitality as Indians are great hosts and very welcoming. Also, I don’t have an itinerary, I will try to explore as much as possible in my tight schedule.

Canada has a massive Indian/Punjabi population, have you encountered anything interesting from the culture (food-music-dance)? If so, what do you love?

Yes, I have encountered Punjabi Music, I love Daler Mehndi and his track Tunak Tunak Tun, as I have said already.

Source By : Hindustan Times