Ek Dana

Ek Dana

Ek Dana


The man who united India on the beats of Bhangra took the nation by storm again in 1999 with his nine track gem ‘Ek Dana’.

The turbaned Trojan once again set the dance-floors on fire with his pure Punjabi folk masti charged with a fine mix of western pop and Indian classical tunes. With its meandering melodies, ‘Ek Dana’ beautifully captured the varied colors of love.

The Album outsold its predecessors and is to this date one of his highest selling albums on the net.


The title video choreographed by Farah Khan was thoroughly appreciated by media and general public. The video steered clear of using scantily-clad women as props. Instead, there were lots of children, one of Mehndi’s largest fan bases, and words like ‘kudi’ and ‘gori’ were replaced with lyrics like ‘pyaar khudai, noore ilahi’.

However, the concept of the video using one the cleanest ever visual footage in Indi-pop history, however, ran into trouble with a certain section of the population that questioned children playing adults! Sensing trouble, the label hastened to withdraw the album from stores.