Bolo Ta Ra Ra

Bolo Ta Ra Ra

Bolo Ta Ra Ra


Daler Mehndi’s much celebrated debut album is recorded as an entity in itself. Released in 1995, ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ was the turning point in not only Daler’s career but also that of Indian Music Industry's.

Daler’s concoction of rustic lyrics fused with just the right element of western instrumental, rendered with a very versatile & highly energetic power pitched voice are often referred to as the birth of Bhangra-Pop.

The nation, post the release of ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra' was caught in a tornado of Bhangra that captivated the spirit of celebration, happiness, entertainment quintessentially.


‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ – are the words Daler Mehndi had heard his mother hum since his childhood. By 1990, Daler had completed the lyrics and composition of ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ but it was only in 1994 that he recorded it…Unaware that his debut Single was going to create history.

‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ changed the perception, economics and dynamics of the Indian Music Industry. It sold over 20 million copies. The album which targeted the regional audiences of Punjab sold a record 250,000 units in Kerala (a South Indian - Malayalam speaking state) alone within 25 days of its release.

In his own words, Mehndi expressed, “Bolo Ta Ra Ra was a gift from Bibi (mother), and it had her blessings. It turned my life overnight. This album is my all time favorite and closest to my heart.”