Dance Karle

Dance Karle

Dance Karle

India’s first VR music video unveils at the 2017Samsung Developer Conference on Diwali. Bollywood’s pop king Daler Mehndi will be releasing India’s first VR music video at the 2017Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco. The conference will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on October 18-19.

Samsung strives to make new technology and exclusive experiences accessible to all. This collaboration is no exception as it is a step in making VR popular in India.

“I am proud to partner with Samsung and bring such a new and exciting entertainment experience in my country” said the iconic musician. Mehndi has always believed in making unique and path-breaking content that takes the entertainment industry forward. In 1998, the video for Mehndi’s song “Tunak” was the first video to be made in

India using green screen technology, which allowed the singer to superimpose his image over various computer-generated backgrounds.

The pioneer of Indian Pop adds another first to his turban by being the first Indian artist to have made a music video using VR. Daler Mehndi’s music has had a pied piper effect on listeners over the years, the man with long flowing robes, bejeweled turban, power pitched voice and simple catchy dance steps - has this unique ability to get people across age, cultures, faiths, countries dancing.

‘Jaan Meri Dance Karle’ or simply ‘Dance Karle’ is an energetic, foot tapping Bhangra song full of joyful splendor. The song with simple Punjabi lyrics emphasizes on overcoming everyday difficulties by being upbeat. The singer advocates that Happiness is infectious and it makes the world join in, so dance away your blues through the dreary situations of everyday life.

The introductory visual of the song ‘Dance Karle’ is a sadhu playing an Indian rhythm instrument “Dumroo” setting the ground for the philosophy of the song that life is a circus, the ringmaster is the one that juggles our lives with varied experiences throughout its term, and although our destinies are pre ordained - the good and the bad, the ups and downs should to be lived with love and happiness. The various characters in the video cover a spectrum of socio economic cultural environment like the colorful kalbelia dancers of Rajasthan amidst the sand and the camels, the common people at old delhi against the backdrop of the majestic Jama Masjid Mosque around the chaotic streets of old Delhi, the monks in ladakh, the street acrobats -fire dancers living their lives supported by their craft over measly earnings threaded together by the song, the singer and happiness.

“The title of the song and its tune is composed by my 3 year old daughter Rabaab. These words are hers. I had caught her singing these to herself over and over. Simple and catchy I decided to record it. The final outcome is uplifting and motivating. I am unabashedly saying that I love it,” reveals the singer.

“The idea is for the viewer to feel as though they are right there with me and get a 360 degree experience. The technology is at its absolute nascent stage in India and to attempt a music.

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