Dardi Rab Rab

Dardi Rab Rab

Dardi Rab Rab


‘Dardi Rab Rab’ which was another hit in sequence of the first hit of Bolo Ta Ra Ra in 1996 further created stir in the nation and shut up the critics who had called Mehndi a 1 Album success. The album superseded the sales of Bolo Ta Ra Ra.

Giving two super hits within a span of as many years – that too non-film music, established Mehndi as undisputed Pasha of Indipop.

Daler wrote his own words and music and his fetish for ‘Rab Rab’ words became more evident with this album. Mehndi gave the nation an infectious dance step through ‘Dardi Rab Rab’ that the nation and music lovers across the globe lapped up to with great gusto.


The success and rage of Dardi Rab Rab forced Amitabh Bachchan –the veteran Bollywood Icon to request Daler to compose and perform a song in his comeback film ‘Mrityudata’ and even that ‘NA NA NA NA RE’ went on to become a milestone in the Indian History.

In Mehndi’s own words –

“I wanted this album to be my debute album but Shashi Bhai (Mr. Shashi Gopal Director of Magnasound) wanted it to be the 2nd album and I’m glad it was released as the 2nd album. It got me Bollywood. Dardi Rab Rab colored the Indian Film Music with the color with Mehndi. It got me my first world tour.”


Daler Mehndi was nominated in 3 different categories for ‘Dardi Rab Rab’ and won the prestigious Channel V Best Indian Male Artist Award.