Their take on Destiny:-

Say Balle Balle to Ghazals : Published in Today on 30th August 2005.

As Daler puts it, “A person with high BP can listen to Hari’s soothing voice and one with low BP can listen to my peppy songs. Where’s the difference?”

“You will be surprised to hear his low-pitch songs. He sounds wonderful,” Hari Guarantees.

Singing a different tune: Published in Hindustan Times on 2nd September 2005.

“Initially when I was approached to work with Hariharan on a new project I thought of it as a joke, but within 10 days everything was finalized and I was working with him”, said Mehndi.

For the ‘Destiny’ of budding artistes: Published in the Hindu on 31st August 2005.

“We are bringing out the album not to make name or money for ourselves but to provide a launching pad for budding artistes to manifest their creativity. But in order to do this we will first have to deliver a super-duper hit Album. I need not only the blessings of the almighty but also the good wishes of everybody, particularly the media. These days big music companies are asking singers to dish out money for press conferences and promotions. There is a slump in the music industry right now and although 4,000 artistes have come in the past four years only a few have survived. By promoting this album, we are doing our bit for promoting upcoming musicians throughout the country,” said Daler.

The album contains two duets by Daler and Hariharan besides solos by these artistes & was recorded in London. Renowned musicians like Errol Reid and Stephen Luscombe on the keyboards, Sultan Khan and Liaqat Ali on the sarangi and Trevor Morral on the drum have made contributions. Dinesh Pandit, nephew of famous Indian classic maestro Pandit Jasraj, has composed the album, while the experienced Nida Fazli has penned the lyrics.

Daler, Hariharan all set for a tryst with Destiny: Published in The Asian Age on 31st August 2005.

Hariharan was visibly happy due to the “magical outcome.” In his own style, he said, “The Album is like parantha and sambhar combo. “I love the way Daler performs and I was sure an album with him would be an interesting combination. So I immediately said yes.”

Bye bye Balle balle?: Published in The Times of India on 31st August 2005.

Seems like hard days for singer Daler Mehndi are over. What with the man back in action, courtesy his new album – that also features singer Hariharan. Also, this time Daler has taken a new avatar and has moved from bhangra to slower tracks. In his own words, “It’s like history being revisited. I started my career with a company that has once again given me a chance to show my skills. That is why I hope to offer something different this time round,” And in case you thought it was just the tracks, here’s more…Daler might even be in for a new avatar. Something he calls “ a sober look”. Now that’s what we call balle balle!


The confluence of the North and the south, a fusion of classical and pop, Bhangra King Daler Mehndi from North coming together with classical maestro Hariharan from South bounds to make Destiny!

The brassy Balle Balle King Daler Mehndi crafts ‘Destiny’ as the album is titled as he cuts an album with HariHaran for the first time. Mehndi singing lyrical mush amidst scenic landscapes presented the pop king in a different Avatar! Interestingly, like previous albums of the two singers, the genre of the album is not pop or classical, but an ‘easygoing soft musical’.


“Nothing was planned. Both Hariharan and I had shows all over the world. But when the time, everything fell into place. I was available, Hariharan was available, the studio was free, the director was free, it was destiny that we sing together and Destiny it was named.” quotes Daler Mehndi.

“Working with Mehndi was a brilliant experience. He is such a talented singer. You will be surprised to hear his low-pitch songs. He sounds wonderful! Soon you may see us together in a new album where I might be singing in Punjab and Daler in a South-Indian language.” – Hariharan speaking about Daler Mehndi at the launch of the album.