Namoh Namoh

Namoh Namoh

Namoh Namoh

Daler Mehndi Namoh – A Universal Power

No one is left untouched and uninfected from the bug of Daler Mehndi’s music mania. Sooner or later, whether rich or poor, young or old, Indian or from a different country, everyone once in their lifetimes gets the Daler Mehndi dance bug. Whilst it was the EDM star Deadmau talking publicly about his penchant for the Bhangra King’s energetic music, political parties back home like Congress roped Daler to croon words about their feats, even the current elected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s campaigners did not refrain from exploiting the maverick musicians super hit track NAMOH NAMOH. Not only that, the last President of Pakistan, President Zardari who invited Daler Mehndi as the state guest went on record to inform the Artist that during his term in the prison in Pakistan, he made merry and danced his blues away listening to Daler’s Bolo Ta Ra Ra , Dardi Rab Rab, Jalwa and Tunak Tunak.

Such reasons and the euphoric atmosphere that Mehndi’s music creates, is what compels both our Indian media and International Media to confer titles like Messiah of Masti, Turbanator, Sardar of Swing, Pasha of Pop.

Namoh Namoh informs Mehndi, was incidentally composed and sung publicly for the first time ever in Karachi, Pakistan at a Muslim Party where he was applauded to sing it 4 times over, substantiating that Music and Prayers in Music are Universal, they transcend all barriers and appeal to all alike.

NAMOH means to Salute in respect to the ONE who has created this great celestial dance and drama of life and death, Salutation to the creator of the Earth, the Nether worlds, the Seas and the Oceans, the Sun, the Moon the Stars and the Skies, Salutation to One who has created this mesmerizing world - the World that belongs to HIM and HIM alone.

It’s a Salutation to the Winds, the Seasons, the Fragrance, the benevolent creator of Love, One who runs all the affairs of the world, to the Provider, the most Powerful. Salutation of gratitude towards the One who created this Light, Salutation to One who is above all, who is with-in and with-out, One who is Unique, One who is devoid of Sorrow and Happiness- the Almighty Lord God who is All there is.

Daler Mehndi composed Namoh Namoh in Raag Bhairavi, while working on his Pop album Raula Pai Gaya. He co-wrote this song with Pt. Kiran Mishra and Shahab Allahabadi.

It’s a gratitude song and a song that praises the virtuoso Almighty – a small little way of saying ‘Thank you’ quips Daler. The song is infectiously energetic which is Daler’s signature, with the hook words ‘Namoh Namoh’ easy to sing along, again Daler’s USP but what is interesting is the way he has weaved and fused very traditional Sanskrit words with Urdu words – making it a song which is a fantabulous display of sovereignty and unity as also showcasing his innate self of a spiritual seeker although he covers himself safely and strongly with the strong colors and dose of pop entertainment.