Tunak Tunak Tumba

Tunak Tunak Tumba

Tunak Tunak Tumba

Tunak Tunak Tumba

‘Tumba’ authored and composed by Daler Mehndi pans across various genres through its thirteen tracks. The album journeys through varied melodies crafted by the use of traditional music set to original compositions.

‘Tumba’ the title of the album is a dialogue of the highest order. The artist uses the song as a yearning plea for communion of the soul with the almighty and on a different plane with his lover. ‘Shiela ho ya Munni’ is a spoof track which is already creating uproar at his concerts. ‘Ghoda’ is a groovy number with unusual satirical lyrics. Music along with nontraditional and nonconformist words creates an artistic contrast that is the appeal of the song. The flirtatious ‘O Nachdi Meri Jugni’ beckons the lady love to showcase her moves. Daler renders an exceptional mix of Indian rhythms, in this stupendous dance track.

‘Deewani’ with Sufi undertones is the artist’s favorite. Angst ridden ‘Bhootiye’ is where the artist vents his frustration and provokes reaction of thought but maintains his USP of making you dance. ‘Ye Ada’ takes you through the country side of India via Rajasthan. The song is vivid, it’s as though colors take up form when you hear the song. ‘Chen Se Jeeney Do’ is the song addressing today’s youth with beautiful lyrics set to a hummable melody.

‘Jogi’ is Daler’s show-off track! His each album has one such track for the connoisseurs of music, for the veteran artists. It showcases his command over technique, reflecting a classic confluence of ragas creating a song for a ‘Pop’ listener thus setting a milestone.

Mehndi’s latest ‘Pop’ offering is a complete package both in its lyrical context and its music. A must have!


Five years of musical voyage since the last release, & Daler Mehndi precedes with TUMBA that pans across various genres exploring exciting musical direction. Highly exhilarating composition set to the notes of diverse Raagas including Raag Kirwani, Raag Bhimpalasi, Raag Charukesi, Raag Tilak Kamod, Raag Sarang, Raag Bhoopkali, Raag Pahari, & Raag Saraswati, Tumba is an absolute confluence.

The album is not a contrived attempt by Mehndi to deliver accessible music. It is his penchant for eclecticism stimulating him to deliver music which outclasses all he has done in past. Not just better, but lot bigger!


The title track ‘Tumba’ was set within a rhythmic framework of over 80 percussions! The music arrangement for Tumba was initially done using computer programming. Mehndi felt that the music sounded feeble (“chhota sound kar raha hai”, he said) in the produced result, and wanted to dub acoustics into it. So Raju Sardar was called. He came in big van, almost a mini truck full of instruments, nothing less than 85 in number, and all of them were used in the track! One antra has the dhol as the main rhythm, other used Djembe and Darabuka. Rain effects, Warrior sounds, and other percussions including. tabla, , tom 20 pieces, ball shakers, shehs, matka, madal, duff, manjeera, timpani, tibalee, bass duff, tiko, miko have been used.

The super hit ‘Sheila ho ya Munni’ was actually extempored by Mehndi at an international show & was well received at the first take! So much so that Mehndi decided to deliver the song in the album.

For the first time, Daler Mehndi also incorporated Haryanvi language in his music. It is interesting to see a Punjabi pop singer move from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and now to Haryanvi.

“TUMBA is not a contrived attempt to deliver accessible music. It is my penchant for eclecticism stimulating me to deliver music which outclasses all I have done in the past. Not just better, but a lot bigger!

It does not matter what demographics, culture, age, language you belong to. I always strive to make something that will be embraced by all. My previous albums have gone Platinum, their music has been honored by the industry, and the works have been revered by the critics. Yet the most meaningful indication for my true worth is realized by how the music makes you all feel, how deeply it affects you & penetrates your heart such that you rebound with Love & Acceptance for my music.

TUMBA is everything that has been in my life plus everything that it has never been. It impersonates every possible emotion that I went through, from the start of the album to the finish. Making TUMBA has been a remarkable incredible Journey, an elating experience for me. So as I share the music of TUMBA – with its widescreen emotions, psychedelic lyrics and the best dance music ever – straight out of my heart, I sincerely hope it touches yours too!”