Tunak Tunak Tun

Tunak Tunak Tun

Tunak Tunak Tun


‘Tunak Tunak’ was released by pop-Bhangra singer Daler Mehndi in 1998 & the track was an instant hit on release. The song is the greatest grosser in non-film music in India to this day! The song has broken all the barriers and united the world through just two words ‘Tunak Tunak’.

Known as the pied piper track, the song is a true Internet Phenomenon. The music video was conceptualized by Mehndi in retaliation to the media’s comment that the success of his videos depend only on the glam models featured in the videos, with 4 Daler Mehndi’s and exquisite choreography done by himself the song became an instant HIT. Daler choreographed the video by giving it yet another cult step just like he’d been giving all the Albums in the past.

The man not only created musical iconic Tunak Tunak, his superhit song gave the words Tunak Tunak a bona fide meaning. The Urban Dictionary defines Tunak Tunak as an intoxicating dance originating from the Indian artist Daler Mehndi.

Tunak Tunak won the prestigious RAPA Award, the Channel V Award, The Videocon Award, and The Screen Award.


“Shashi Bhai, Magnasound’s director didn’t quiet approve of this title track at the time. He said its rhythm is too fast. The words are pacy. It’ll be difficult for people to dance on it. And by Indian Standards it was way different. I took a month to explain my point of view. I maintained that since I have given you 3 super hits consecutively each year, I will give you another. Trust me. He relented but with a half heart. He even opposed the step that I choreographed. Well that was then. It’s infectious to this day.

Tunak Tunak Tun - is my dialogue with the Supreme Power that works and drives us all. Our body is the instrument (or the vehicle) that we’ve been gifted with to make our song or ride through this journey of the soul. The breath is the total number of strums/ miles that this instrument/vehicle has. The number of strums, strokes played on the instrument is pre ordained. What tune or music we make is also pre ordained but what is up to us is the feelings with which we strum the instrument’s chord and with what intent we make this music. This world is neither bad nor good it just IS and is temporary! So strum your instrument and make that song Tunak Tunak Tun Tunak Tunak Tun Da Da Da !!

While I was writing this song, I got stuck at the last paragraph... Dholna Tu Chan Main Chakor. - -- My Beloved, You are the moon and I am the parched bird …wanted to complete the lyrics, it was around 2.00 in the night when I called Taran, and in the middle of her sleep – she said “Rab Hath Sadi Dor” (Our strings are in the hands of the Lord.) That’s how the song got finished and I completed the dubbing at around 4.00 am. I love the song for its music and especially because of the words. That the world loves it – is a Blessing!” says Daler Mehndi.